Search Tips

I. Keyword Search

1. Enter your search term(s) in the Keyword field for a fulltext search and/or any search on the     Title and Note fields. Use Boolean Operators to improve your search results.

2. Click Search. Your search results are displayed. You can select, browse, print, e-mail or     download several search results.

II. Using Special Operators to broaden or narrow your search

1. The symbol % is used as a right-handed truncation character only; it will find all forms of a      word.

     For example, searching for chi% will find "China", "Chinese", "children", etc

2. Boolean Operators

AND Find records which have all the words.
Example: police AND bridges
NOT Find records which have the first word, but not the second word.
Example: police NOT bridges
OR Find records which have any of the words.
Example: police OR bridges
Xor Find records where one or the other word is present but not both.
Example: police Xor bridges

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