Search Tips

I. Keyword Search

1. Enter your search term(s) in the Keyword field for any search on Any Record Fields. Use
    Boolean Operators
to improve your search.

2. Click Search. Your search results are displayed. You can select, browse, print, e-mail or     download the search results.

II. Using Special Operators to broaden or narrow your search

1. The symbol % is used as a right-handed truncation character only; it will find all forms of a      word.

     For example, searching for chi% will find "China", "Chinese", "children", etc

2. Boolean Operators

AND Find records which have all the words.
Example: police AND bridges
NOT Find records which have the first word, but not the second word.
Example: police NOT bridges
OR Find records which have any of the words.
Example: police OR bridges
Xor Find records where one or the other word is present but not both.
Example: police Xor bridges

III.   Advanced Search

1.   Select your choices of Library/Institution, Title, Category, Format, Open Access and Language from the pull-down menu.

2.  Format:

o       Full Text V Full texts of the works are available for viewing.

o       Image V Images of charts, paintings, pictures, photographs, slides or cartographic materials, etc. are included

o       Index/Abstract V Only indexes and/or abstracts are available.

o       Multimedia V Texts, images and/or audio-visual recordings are contained in the records.

3.  Open Access:

o       Free V Some or all of the records are open for free access on the World Wide Web.

o       Restricted V All records are restricted to users specified by the corresponding libraries or institutions.

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