Title:   Hong Kong, another colonial problem in the making : a report on non-representative government and colonial malpractices
Date:   1966
Subject:   Representative government and representation -- China -- Hong Kong
Great Britain -- Colonies -- China -- Hong Kong -- Administration
Constitutional law -- China -- Hong Kong

Title:   The avarice bureaucracy and corruption of Hong Kong
Date:   1971
Subject:   Political corruption -- China -- Hong Kong
Civil service -- China -- Hong Kong
(in chapters)  
Author's note
A Rude Awakening
It's the Policy
It's Dangerous
Witnesses will be prosectued
A man could get killed
Ngo m sik ( I don't understand)
Robbers' Paradise -- Hong Kong
Strong-arm Men versus the Handicapped
Drugs for sale
The Meaning of Good and Bad
Where Honesty is not the Best Policy

Title:   Hong Kong's unsolved injustices = 香港幾件待雪之不平
Date:   1976
Subject:   Misconduct in office -- China -- Hong Kong
Police misconduct -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong (China) -- Social conditions
Hong Kong (China) -- Politics and government
(in chapters)  
A Rebel in Hong Kong
"No Evidence"
Forgery & Blackmail
"In the Public Interest"
Of Hawks and Doves and Law-courts

Title:   Hong Kong legal affairs, 1978, as viewed from an Urban Council ward office
Date:   1979
Subject:   Police -- Complaints againts -- China -- Hong Kong
Justice, Administration of -- China -- Hong Kong

Title:   China, Hong Kong and 1997
Date:   1984
Subject:   Nanchang (China) -- Description and travel
China -- Economic conditions -- 1949-
China -- Politics and government -- 1949-
Hong Kong (China) -- History -- Transfer of Sovereignty from Great Britain, 1997

Title:   Doom or boom for Hong Kong in 1997? : Elsie Tu's correspondence with the British Government in the run-up to 1997
Date:   1997
Subject:   Hong Kong (China) -- History -- Transfer of Sovereignty from Great Britain, 1997 -- Records and correspondence
Hong Kong (China) -- Politics and government -- Records and correspondence
Tu, Elsie -- Correspondance
(in chapters)  
Foreword to Readers
First encounter with Governor Patten and the ensuing struggle to preserve the Basic Law
A Five-year Struggle to keep the Hong Kong Political Through-train on Track
Views on the Patten Political Plan

Title:   The last struggle of colonialism in Hong Kong
Date:   1998
Subject:   Hong Kong (China) -- Politics and government
Hong Kong (China) -- History -- Transfer of Sovereignty from Great Britain, 1997
Patten, Chris, 1944-
Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- China
China -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain
(in chapters)  
Foreword and Apologia
The Winding Down of a Colony page
The OMELCO Consensus
Behind the Scenes in the 1990 Sino-British Negotiations
The Basic Law, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Law and Order
Goodbye to Governor David Wilson
Hong Kong's Last Governor
The Explosive Patten Package
The Most Favoured Nation Myth
The Growing Rift in the Community
Pyrrhic Victory for the Patten Plotters
The Battle of the Court of Final Appeal

Title:   The Hong Kong Urban Council : the case of the elected members
Date:   1998
Subject:   Hong Kong (China). Urban Council
Municipal government -- China -- Hong Kong

Title:   Japan's number one war criminal and American post-war connivance with Japanese war criminals
Date:   2000
Subject:   War criminals -- Japan
World War, 1939-1945 -- Asia -- Atrocities
War crime trials -- Japan

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